Brazos County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Arrest Records

Brazos County recorded a total of 2,391 crimes in 2017, the last year with a complete record. This figure represents a 19.5% decline in overall crime rate compared to the previous year. A breakdown of violent crime data for the county shows that there were four murders, 53 rapes, 69 robberies, and 239 assaults in 2017. Property crime statistics reveal that there were 348 burglaries, 1557 larcenies, and 123 auto thefts in the same year. Compared to 2016 crime data, murder was the only crime to record a higher incidence (300%). There were fewer cases of rape (10.2%), robbery (28.1%), assault (10.2%), burglary (31.9%), larceny (17.5%), and auto theft (13.4%).

To request other open law enforcement records and obtain background checks, email the Brazos County Sheriff's Office at

Criminal Records

In accordance with state laws, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) maintains a list of registered sex offenders residing in the different counties of the state. This database of sex offenders is searchable on the TxDPS website. To find a registered sex offender living in Brazos County, head to the Public Sex Offender Registry Search page of the website and enter the individual's first and last names. Use the map search tool on the webpage to pull a list of registered sex offenders living in various neighborhoods in Brazos County. The tool also allows the public to find registered sex offenders living around college and university campuses all over the state.

The Brazos County Sheriff's Office provides a publicly accessible sex offender search tool on its website. Use this tool to find registered offenders living in certain zip codes or cities in Brazos County. The search function also allows citizens to find sex offenders by name and even search for non-compliant offenders.

The Sheriff's Office keeps all jail records for the county and makes these available on its website. Visitors can use the Jail Record Search tool to find specific inmates booked into the county's jail. Jail bond records search is also available.

Court Records

Records for cases heard in Brazos County courts are available on the Judicial Records Search page on the county government's website. Use the Smart Search feature to find these records. This tool lets anyone search for records by name and number. The public can access court hearings from a different search portal.

For further information about obtaining records, visit any of the court locations in Brazos County:

Brazos County

Courthouse**\ 300 E 26th St, #120\ Bryan, TX 77803

County Court at Law\ 300 E 26th St, #120\ Bryan, TX 77803

District Court\ 300 E 26th St, #1200\ Bryan, TX 77803

Justice of Peace Precinct 1 - College Station\ 12845 FM 2154, Ste 180\ College Station, TX 77845

Justice of Peace Precinct 2 - Bryan\ 200 S Texas Ave, Ste 114\ Bryan, TX 77803

Justice of Peace Precinct 3 - College Station\ 1500 George Bush Dr\ College Station, TX 77840

Justice of Peace Precinct 4 - Bryan\ 300 E 26th Street, Ste 460\ Bryan, TX 77803

Public Records

All vital records for Brazos County are available from the County Clerk's Office. The county clerk accepts requests for copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates in person and by mail. To request for any of these records, visit or mail a request to:

County Courthouse
300 E. 26th Street
Suite 1430
Bryan Texas, 77803

The County Clerk's Office opens between Monday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The clerk charges $23 for each certified copy of a birth certificate. The fee for a certified copy of a death or marriage certificate is $21. The Clerk's Office accepts cash for in-person requests and money order or cashier's check for mail requests.