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Amarillo Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Criminal Records

While the Amarillo Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency of the city, the Texas Department of Public Safety maintains a statewide repository of criminal history information and is tasked with processing requests for criminal history records and background checks. Interested persons may direct their queries to the state office.

How To Get Criminal Records

The Texas Department of Public Safety manages the DPS Computerized Criminal History System, which serves as a public-access conviction database that houses criminal history record information of persons resident in Texas. Using the database, interested persons can retrieve non-confidential information regarding arrest, dispositions, misdemeanor and prosecution history of persons within the state.

Access to the database can only be obtained by registration. To proceed with the search, requestors are required to provide the last and first name of the subject, and for accuracy may also choose to provide the middle or maiden name of the subject as well as their date of birth. Each search conducted will require a payment of $3 or 1 credit as made available on the platform. Confidential records are not made public by the department but may be obtained by calling (512) 424-2474

How To Get Police Reports

The Amarillo Police Department provides non-confidential reports generated and maintained by its Records Division. To access police reports, interested persons are required to complete and deliver an open records request form to the office via mail or in person. The process of retrieval may take up to 45 working days and may require the requester to pick-up the copies in person.

Completed applications should be sent to:

Amarillo Police Department,
200 SE 3rd St, Amarillo, TX 79101,
Fax: (806) 378-9371
Email: apdrecords@amarillo.gov

How to Find Sex Offender Information

It is the responsibility of the Amarillo Police Department to register sex offenders resident within city limits and monitor their conduct and compliance. However, public information on sex offenders can only be obtained via the Texas Department of Public Saftey Website. Interested persons may search the sex offender registry for sex offenders in the city of Amarillo by name, location or proximity to specific locations, especially higher institutions. Additionally, state residents may opt to receive updates on sex offender locations and activity within specific cities by signing up to the Public Sex Offenders Subscription Service.

How To Find Inmate And Jail Information

The Randall County Jail and Sheriff's Office serves all city law enforcement agencies within its jurisdiction, including the Amarillo Police Department. Information about persons arrested and booked by the city police can be obtained from the Randall County Jail Roster. The roster may be searched by the name of the inmate, their arrest date, or their SO number. It also provides information relating to each inmates offense description and their bond/bail conditions if applicable. For other jail related queries, interested persons may contact the Police Department at (806) 378-3038.

Criminal Statistics

According to the preliminary 2017 crime rate publication released by the Amarillo Police Department, the city's crime rate declined 3.9% when compared to data from the previous year. The department recorded a net total of 10,495 index crimes, putting the city's crime rate per 1,000 at 52.2. Larceny theft was recorded to be the most common crime with 6,149 incidents, while burglary reports were the second most common with 1,658 reported incidents. The third most recurring crime was aggravated assault with 1,228 incidents, while motor vehicle theft, robbery. and rape held fourth, fifth and sixth positions with 979, 237, 183 incidents respectively. Arson and homicide accounted for only 0.5% of the crimes reported with 61 reported incidents between them.

Court Records

Where and How to Get Court Records

The City of Amarillo Municipal Court hears varying court cases within the jurisdiction of Amarillo and maintains court records of class C misdemeanors and city, traffic and parking violations heard by the court. The court provides public access to non-confidential records as required by state laws. Interested persons may obtain or view court records by searching the Municipal Courts Online Dockets by the name of the plaintiff/defendant or witness. Alternatively, requests can be made in person or via mail to:

201 SE Fourth Avenue Amarillo,
TX 79105-1366

P.O. Box 1366 Amarillo,
TX 79105
(806) 378-3072

Location Of All Courts In The City

Listed below are the addresses and contact information of courthouses in the city of Amarillo, Texas. However, the city of Amarillo Municipal Court primarily attends to cases within city limits:

Amarillo Municipal Court
201 SE 4th Ave,
P.O. Box 1366,
Amarillo, TX 79105
Phone: (806) 378-3072
Fax: (806) 378-9317

Randall County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4
4320 S Western, #102,
Amarillo, TX 79109
Phone: (806) 468-5658
Fax: (806) 468-5661

Lake Tanglewood Municipal Court
1000 Tanglewood Dr,
Amarillo, TX 79118
(806) 622-8711

Timbercreek Canyon Municipal Court
P.O. Box 21144,
Amarillo, TX 79109
(806) 359-1808

Village of Palisades Municipal Court
P.O. Box 21144,
Amarillo, TX 79114
(806) 359-1808

Potter County District Court
501 S Fillmore St, #1B,
P.O. Box 9570,
Amarillo, TX 79105
(806) 379-2305 (Civil)
(806) 379-2313 (Criminal)
(806) 379-2319 (Family)

Potter County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1
Potter County Santa Fe Building
900 S Polk, #418,
Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone: (806) 349-4880
Fax: (806) 349-4887

Potter County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 & 4
500 S Fillmore St, #302A,
Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone: (806) 379-2390
Fax: (806) 379-2845 --2
Phone: (806) 379-2817
Fax: (806) 379-2829 --4

Potter County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3
13651 I-40 West,
P.O. Box 50487,
Amarillo, TX 79159
Phone: (806) 355-3070
Fax: (806) 352-0129

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Vital Records

While the Texas Department of State Health maintains a statewide repository of Texas vital records, the Amarillo Vital Records office is primarily tasked with maintaining and issuing records of births and deaths that occurred within city limits. On the other hand, marriage and divorce records can be obtained from various departments in either Potter or Randall county.

Where and how to Get Divorce Records

Amarillo city divorce records are maintained and issued by the Clerk of District Court of the county where the divorce was granted; which may be either Potter or Randall County. To obtain certified copies of these records, interested persons may send a written request or query either of these courts in person:

Potter County District Court (Potter County)
501 S Fillmore St, #1B,
P.O. Box 9570,
Amarillo, TX 79105
(806) 379-2319 (Family)

Amarillo Municipal Court (Randall County)
201 SE 4th Ave,
P.O. Box 1366,
Amarillo, TX 79105
Phone: (806) 378-3072
Fax: (806) 378-9317

For an alternative means of verifying divorce, requestors may obtain a divorce verification letter from the Texas Department of State Health Services. To do so, interested persons are required to fill a divorce verification application which should be accompanied by a cheque or money order payment of $20 and sent to:

Texas Vital Records
Department of State Health Services
P.O. Box 12040
Austin, TX 78711-2040

Where and How to Get Marriage Records

Records for marriage licenses issued in the county are maintained by the county Potter County Clerk. To access these records, requestors may send a written request or visit the office of the County Clerk at:

500 South Fillmore Street, Suite 201
P.O. Box 9638
Amarillo, Texas 79101
(806) 379-2275

Where and How to Get Birth and Death Records

The Amarillo Office of Vital Statistics registers and maintains records of births and deaths occurring within city limits. As per state laws, these records are considered confidential until after the 25th year for death, and 75 years for birth. Eligible individuals permitted to access either record include the registrant, their parents or close family relation (with proof of relationship) and persons with legal authorization to access the record.

Eligible persons may request the record in person or via mail. The requestor is required to complete a walk-in Application for a Death Certificate or Application for Birth Certificate or a Mail Application for Birth and Death Record. Applications should be accompanied by an accepted form of identification and the fees stated on the form. They should then be brought/sent to:

City of Amarillo, Tx
Office of Vital Statistics
601 S. Buchanan
P.O. Box 1971
Amarillo, TX 79105