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Polk County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

What are Polk County Arrest Records?

Polk County Arrest Records are government records documenting an individual’s history of arrest in the county. These documents contain names, events that led to arrests, charges, location of arrest, physical descriptions, mug-shots, and more. The TxDPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) is in charge of all arrest records in Texas, while the Polk County Sheriff handles these records at the county level. Requesters should note that arrest records and criminal records are not the same. While arrest records comprise information on an alleged crime, criminal records detail the full criminal history of a convict.

Crime Statistics of Polk County

Based on the 2018 FBI Uniform Crime Report for Texas, a total of 70 violent crimes and 521 property crimes were on record for Polk County, totaling 591 crimes. The reported cases of violent crimes in the Polk were 1 murder, 12 rape, 1 robbery, and 56 aggravated assaults. Recorded for property crimes were 178 burglaries, 298 larceny-thefts, 45 motor-vehicle thefts, and 4 arsons. In 2018, Livingston (the county seat of Polk) recorded a total crime rate of 58 for every 1000 residents. The possibility of a resident becoming a victim of property or violent crime are 1 per 17 persons. However, the chances of your car getting stolen are 1 in 321.

Polk County Criminal Records

Polk County criminal records are documents created after an individual gets convicted of a crime. These records include complete details of an arrest record, incarceration, probation record, and date of conviction. Reports on crimes, such as arson, domestic abuse, kidnapping, murder, assault, and rape, are held and processed by the TxDPS. The agency is the primary repository for every county in the state. At the county level, requesters can get the records from the County’s Sheriff Office or any police agency in Polk.

How Do I Get Polk County Criminal Records?

Criminal records are obtainable from the Polk County’s Sheriff Office:

1733 N. Washington Avenue,
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6810

Individuals may also request these records from any police department in the county.

Livingston Police Department
208 West Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351

Corrigan Police Department
203 North Collins Street,
Corrigan, TX 75939

Onalaska Police Department
372 Farm to Market Road 356,
Onalaska, TX 77360

Texas Rangers Company 8 - Livingston
602, East Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351

Polk County criminal history records are also available at the state level via the Criminal History Name Search tool provided by the TxDPS. Interested parties have to create an account and purchase $3.00 Search Credits per record. These search credits are obtainable in two ways which are:

  • Credit card: this includes a 2.25% convenience fee per search credit; hence, the individual gets charged $3.07 for every search credit. A $0.25 transaction fee (per purchase) applies as well. Search credits are instantly provided.
  • Check: No additional charges apply to the $3 fee. However, this mode might take time since the search credits become available only when payment is acknowledged.

Where Can I Find Polk County Sex Offender Information?

The Polk County sex offender registry gets updated by both the TxDPS and the county’s sheriff department to ensure accuracy. It includes details about the sex offender, such as the offender’s workplace, school, and residence. The objective of this registry is to safeguard residents from every sex and child-victim offender within the county. The sex offender registry gets continuously updated to bring awareness to the county.

How Do I Visit an Inmate in Polk County Jail?

The Sheriff Office is in charge of the Polk County Jail, which is located at:

1733 North Washington Avenue,
Livingston, Texas 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6822

Visitors are advised to contact the County Jail to book appointments and ensure that their names are written on the visitors’ list. Before visitation, visitors should note the general rules of the jail. Some of the visitation rules are as follows:

  • All visitors must present a valid I.D.
  • All properties, including writing devices, phones, recording devices, liquids, or food, are prohibited.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany any visitor of 16 years and below.

Where and How to Find Polk County Inmate Information

Polk County inmate information is accessible online through the TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) website. Interested persons will need to provide either the SID number (State Identification Number), the last name, or the TDCJ inmate number for a successful search. Exempting weekends, all inmate records on the TDCJ portal are updated every day.

What are Polk County Court Records?

Polk County court records are the legal documents created and distributed by the County Clerk on every court hearing in the county. Pursuant to the Public Information Act, these documents should be made available to the public. Court records comprise details such as:

  • Transcripts
  • Indictments
  • Dockets
  • Affidavits
  • Case deposition

Requesters may also obtain the court records from; third-party agencies, local courts, state-approved agencies, and federal repositories.

Location of All Courts in Polk County

Corrigan Justice of Peace Court
201 West Ben Franklin Street,
Corrigan, TX 75939
Phone: (936) 398-4114
Fax: (936) 398-5574

Corrigan Municipal Court
1001 North Home Street,
Corrigan, TX 75939
Phone: (936) 398-5923

Goodrich Municipal Court
1003 Highway 393 Loop,
Goodrich, TX 77335
Phone: (936) 365-6841

Livingston Justice of Peace Court 1
101 West Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6841
Fax: (936) 327-6884

Livingston Justice of Peace Court II
602 East Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (906) 327-6865
Fax: (906) 327-6861

Livingston Municipal Court
208 West Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 337-9322

Onalaska Justice of Peace Court
14115 U.S. 190,
Onalaska, TX 77360
Phone: (936) 646-3674
Fax: (936) 646-4197

Onalaska Municipal Court
372 Farm to Market Road 356,
Onalaska, TX 77360
Phone: (936) 646-5376
Fax: (936) 646-2833

Polk County Court
101 West Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6856
Fax: (936) 327-6891

Polk District Court 1
101 West Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6847

Trinity District Court II
101 West Church Street,
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6847
Fax: (936) 327-6881

Conducting a search is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

What are Polk County Vital Records?

Polk County Vital Records comprise birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and divorce licenses. These records detail the essential events in the life of an individual. The documents are available only to the file-owners and those who fulfill all the criteria since there are confidential records. Interested parties can request these documents from the TxDSHS (Texas Department of State Health Services) through the web or by mail. However, requesters can likewise order it from the Polk County’s Clerk office at:

101 West Mill Street,
Physical address: Suite 265, Livingston, TX 77351
Email address: P.O. Drawer 2119, Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6805
Fax: (936) 327-6855

Where and How to Get Polk County Divorce Records

County residents can request for divorce records by filling-out an application form and sending the mail to:

Texas Vital Records (Department of State Health Services)
P.O. Box 12040,
Austin, TX 78711-2040

The cost of ordering these records is $20 and includes a $5.00 charge for expedited processing. Interested parties will be required to present specific details before obtaining these documents. The divorce records can be requested by mail or online.

Where and How to Get Polk County Marriage Records

Interested persons can request for Polk County marriage records through the TxDSHS portal. Requesters must mail in the application form to:

Texas Vital Records (Department of State Health Services)
P.O. Box 12040,
Austin, TX 78711-2040

Polk County Marriage records are accessible to only individuals from any of the below the categories:

  • Bride or groom
  • The married party’s former or current spouse
  • The married party’s children
  • The legal representatives of any of the married party

The fee for ordering a marriage record is $20, as well as a $5 expedited processing fee.

Where and How to Get Polk County Birth and Death Records

An individual can obtain Polk County birth and death documents by visiting the County Clerk office.

101 West Mill Street,
Physical address: Suite 265, Livingston, TX 77351
Email address: P.O. Drawer 2119, Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 327-6805
Fax: (936) 327-6855

Alternatively, requesters can order the documents through the TxDSHS website by filling a birth or death application form and then mail to:

Texas Vital Records Department of State Health Services
P.O. Box 12040,
Austin, TX 78711-2040

The records are available only to:

  • The record-owner aged 18 years and above.
  • The spouse/parent of the record-owner
  • The legal representative(s) of the record-owner